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The Top 5 Most Fun Activities for a Hens Night that aren’t Drinking Games!

(but can certainly involve drinking if you want them to!)...

The Top 5 Most Fun Activities for a Hens Night that aren’t Drinking Games!

(but can certainly involve drinking if you want them to!)...

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Ever asked anyone for advice on what to do for fun at a Hens Party or Girls Night In and been told about one drinking game after another?? Believe it or not there are actually some fun activities that are better, yes you heard, better than drinking games – and if you are hell bent on drinking games, you can incorporate drinking into all of them! Try something different...

Here are 5 fab Hens Party Ideas that are great for Girls Nights Out too...

  1. Hens Life Drawing Class also known as Hens Live Art Class or Hens Nude Drawing Session

    We think that this is by far the most fun, most interactive and creative activity you can organise for your hens night, birthday party or other special occasion because it really does have a bit of everything and is by far the best value-for-money hens activity.

    If you have never heard of life drawing before, traditionally it is the art of drawing a naked person while they are holding a static pose. Generally, artists models are not paid very much and as such the traditional artists model is not perhaps the most aesthetically pleasing to the eye, plus it is a pretty sedate and quiet activity – so you are probably thinking, ‘why on earth would anyone want to do that for a Hens Party???’ Well, some Hens Party suppliers have realized that this life drawing idea would be fantastic if the whole process can be made into a more fun, lively event, full of shorter engaging exercises, games and, crucially, a HOT Male Life Drawing Model – so that is exactly what they have done!!!

    It’s a really inclusive hens activity that involves your Bride-To-Be and all your guests in pretty much equal measure so that no one is left out and certainly no one has time to be bored. You can always have your life drawing model focus a little more on the Hen if you wish but this is a great activity for Brides that do not want to be singled out. It also really brings the group together which is ideal if you have some guests that hardly know anyone else.
    It is brilliant for bringing out everyone’s artistic side and the results can be hilarious but also some can be mind-blowingly good. Some people, once they let go of the little voice inside their heads that says ‘I cannot draw’, realise that it’s simply because they’ve never had a proper go at drawing anything before, and produce some unbelievably good drawings once they have relaxed into it! The hilarious ones might not be so good from an aesthetic perspective but making everyone laugh is also a good result – you can always call these ‘the abstract ones’ haha!

    There are a few quality providers of Life Drawing Classes for Hens and most of them have different formats for their classes so it’s a good idea to consider what works best for you. The main distinctions are:

    • Most have a completely separate Teacher/Instructor which is great if you are looking for a more serious art class and no real interaction with your model, whereas others such as Hen’s Knights have taught their models how to deliver each exercise prior to striking each pose which is great if you are looking for a more lively and interactive session with your model rather than with an art teacher.

    • Some providers have 1 or 2 long poses which is great if your group is generally well behaved and keen to spend time on detailed drawings whereas others like Hen’s Knights tend to have a multiple of shorter exercises and poses of 5 to 7 minutes each plus fun drawing games which is great if you have a group that is drinking or generally have shorter attention spans. Click here for some of the fun life drawing games and exercises you will find at a Hen’s Knights arty session.

    • Another significant difference between providers is how the class begins – some sit you down, your model is naked and they get you straight into the drawing which is great for groups that want to maximize drawing time. However others will have your model pour a few drinks and mix with the girls for a short while as their topless waiter first to break the ice a bit and then once everyone is comfortable, he will get naked and start the drawing. This is great for a more relaxed session where you get to know your model a little first before having him standing naked in the middle of your living room telling you what to do haha – plus this option really helps if you have a few shy girls.

    • The final and possibly most distinctive difference between the various providers is how your Life Drawing Class is priced. Most will give you a specific cost per head and you will need to pay this no matter how many turn up on the night whereas Hen’s Knights will charge you a flat fee no matter how many guests you have with an option to pay a very small amount per guest for drawing materials, however Hens Knights also allow you to provide your own drawing materials if you prefer and in that case won’t charge you the small per person cost. This distinction is important if you are not sure exactly how many guests you will actually have on the night. The last thing you want is to have to pay for 20 people at $45per head if only 12 turn up – that’s a big headache because you will have to pay for all the people that don’t come. With the flat fee option you know exactly how much you have to pay regardless of how many girls you get attending on the night.

    Hen’s Knights have noticed that most Hens Parties want maximum interaction with their models, simple exercises, shorter and more frequently varied poses, a relaxed introduction to the drawing with initial introduction to their model sharing a drink or two and a flat fee so that they know exactly how much it will cost them right from the planning stage no matter how many guests they have on the day.

    Make sure at least one of your friends has this Hens Activity for her Hens Party!

  2. life drawing class with nude male model and hens in lavish setting

    Actual Hen's Knights Life Drawing Class with Tim

  3. Nude Body Painting!

    An awesome variation that has emerged in recent times from the Life Drawing Classes is the Nude Body Painting. In a nutshell this is where your group is armed with varying sizes of artist’s paintbrushes and coloured body paints with a view to painting your masterpiece directly onto you fabulous model! In fact, he will become your fantastic masterpiece!! And yes, he is completely naked so you can paint whatever parts you dare!!!! Amazing practice for any budding tattoo artists out there haha! Be sure to get a couple of glasses of bubbly into the girls first to loosen the nerves, because you will all be in quite close proximity to your naked male model! Some groups get super artistic with this activity and others get downright silly – whatever style floats your boat works perfectly.

    The photos of you and your model at the end will say it all!

  4. group of bachelorettes body painting a live naked male model

    Actual Hen's Knights Body Painting Model - Sean

  5. Double Act Strippers!

    Many Hens think of having a Male Stripper for their Hens Night but not so many even know about the possibility of a Double Act Strip Show. What does a Double Act Strip Show entail I hear you say? Well, instead of one Hot Stripper you will receive 2! It’s great fun, double the fun in fact, and impossible to miss any of the action. It’s a really great idea if you have a larger group of Hens and want more of a show than the focus all to be on the Bride – although you can certainly have them both focus on the bride if you wish! Hen's Knights has a particularly good selection of Double Act Strippers in Sydney!

  6. sydney double act male strippers dressed in swat outfits

    Actual Hen's Knights Double Act - Aaron & Blake

  7. Girls Poker Night!

    Traditionally this has been an activity for the boys but increasingly girls are starting to do it too. As long as you have got a poker dealer that knows the rules, it is a really fun addition to the night. If you do decide to do it, it is sooo much more fun if you all make your pile of chips worth something. It can be a few cents to a few dollars or even squares of your favourite chocolate, but even a tiny amount like that makes you play the game properly because there is something on the line if you lose! To really spice up the play why not hire a Topless Waiter to be your poker dealer? If you do have a Poker Dealing Topless Waiter perhaps it would be better to play Strip Poker lol!!!

  8. poker dealer looking at cards with chips in the background

  9. Pamper – Makeup, Massage, Nails!

    Many groups of Hens organize a day at the Spa, which is a fantastic activity BUT can be very expensive. An alternative but equally fun idea is to have the pampering come to you! If you are planning on renting a hotel room for the night or having your function at your house, or one of the girls’ houses/apartments that has a reasonable sized living area, there are companies out there like Be Lured that will bring everything to you – they will bring massage tables, do everyone’s makeup and nails all while you sip champagne lovingly poured by your super hot Topless Waiter in the comfort of your very own Hotel room before you head out on the town! We haven’t come across a group of Hens yet that don’t like a bit of group pampering!! Perfect precursor to getting your groove on in the clubs and enticing in those helpless males!

There you have it - 5 awesome ideas to get your Hens Party out of the starting blocks and off to a blistering start! Hen's Knights can help you organise any of them so if you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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