melbourne male stripper lushan pulling down his pants

Male Strippers Melbourne

Male Strippers Melbourne

(Striptease Artists as we prefer to call them!)
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bodybulding male stripper in melbourne - adam

There's no substitute for a Male Stripper at a
Melbourne Hen's Party!

A hen's night, birthday party or bridal shower in Melbourne just wouldn’t be the same without one of our
Hot Male Strippers!

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Melbourne Male Strippers!

Below are pictures of Melbourne's most excellent
Striptease Artists & Male Entertainers!

Everyone loves great prices for Strippers in Melbourne and we have them!

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showing off his abs, male stripper in melbourne wearing hooded top
melbourne male stripper and body builder almost naked wielding a sword


male strippers melbourne


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melbourne male stripper wearing open leather jacket
bodybuilding male stripper adam looking out of window in melbourne

Adam's Stripper Costumes - Magic Mike and Commando!

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blonde male stripper with great abdominal muscles posing in melbourne
melbourne male stripper nick with blonde hair


melbourne male strippers

A seasoned professional, Chase has the experience, the confidence and the playfulness to get your Hen's Party pumping!
Call or E-mail us Now to enquire about having Chase as your Male Stripper!

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full nude melbourne male stripper dressed in swat gear
naked male strippers melbourne - nick

Chase's Stripper Costumes - SWAT, Cop, Fireman, Soldier, Suit, Sailor, Cowboy and Construction Worker/Tradie!

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melbourne male stripper chris bare chested and wearing jeans
male stripper in melbourne with big friendly smile

chris a.

male stripper melbourne

Wouldn't you like to check Chris out in all his stripping glory?
Book him for your next Melbourne Hens or Birthday Party so that you don't need to leave anything to the imagination!

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melbourne male strippergram wearing black singlet
melbourne male adult entertainer chris

Chris's Stripper Costumes - Naval Officer!

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melbourne male stripper cohen wearing just a bow tie, collar and cuffs
melbourne male stripper cohen lying down and looking seductive


melbourne male strippers

Chiselled to perfection, Cohen would love to come and perform his strip routine for your next Melbourne Hens Party!

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melbourne male striptease artist in his workout gear looking shredded
melbourne male full monty stripper cohen

Cohen's Stripper Costumes - Cop & Soldier/Army!

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swat stripper
male stripper wearing armed response police uniform


melbourne male strippers

With real dreadlocks Male Stripper Dexter can be the perfect undercover cop and give you all a good frisking, imitate Jack Sparrow down to a T, or even be your very own Bob Marley!

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male stripper about to stripto his g-string
male stripper dressed as pirate

Dexter's Stripper Costumes - Cop/SWAT & Pirate

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heavily tattooed melbourne male stripper dimitri posing in his jeans and calvins
male stripper in melbourne wearing complete knights of the round table costume


melbourne male stripper

Check out the abs and tatts on this guy! If a tattooed american stripper is on your Hens Night wish list then then stop looking and start booking!
Call us now for more info on how Dimitri can spice up your Sydney hens party with a Full Monty Strip Show!

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melbourne full monty male striptease artist hanging out with the hen
melbourne male entertainer and male stripper - dimitri

Dimitri's Stripper Costumes - Iron Man and Knight in Shining Armour!

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ripped male stripper posing without his shirt in melbourne's fitzroy area
stocky and tanned male stripper in melbourne's collingwood with jacket slung over his naked shoulder


melbourne male stripper

Being a personal trainer and on-line fitness coach Male Stripper Eddy definitely knows his way around the human body, and if you play your cards right perhaps he'll find his way around yours with a Lap-Dance during his awesome Full Monty Strip Show! Eddy is happy to travel to Geelong and most places in rural Victoria

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full nude male striptease performer modelling his great abs and tight undies
male strip entertainer interacting with the audience in a melbourne nightclub

Eddy's Stripper Costumes - SWAT, Military or Soldier!

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very hot male stripper stripped to the waist in melbourne's princes hill
policeman stripper ripping off his hi-vis vest to reveal a sensational torso at a hens night in melbourne's richmond area


melbourne male stripper

Male Stripper Gorgeous George is a lovely English lad that just loves to pretend to be the local Hot Policeman, knocking on the door of your Hens Party and telling you all to keep the noise down before stripping down and punishing you all with his big hard truncheon! This Sexy Male Performer is always in fantastic shape and can't wait to show you his rippling abs!

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full monty male stripper looking awesome in his cop outfit near ripponlea in melbourne
tall dark and handsome male strip show performer looking hot with no shirt in melbourne's elwood

George's Stripper Costumes - Cop/Policeman!

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male stripper in melbourne walking the catwalk in his tight undies
melbourne male strippers - jt


male strippers melbourne

Mr Meticulous finalist JT was only allowed to go down to his undies at that event but for you he can take it all off!
If you are going to bother with a Male Stripper in Melbourne, you can't seriously have him stop at his g-string!!! Go the whole way we say!!

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full nude male stripper posing on St Kilda beach shirtless in his jeans
melbourne male strippers and male entertainers - jt

JT's Stripper Costumes - Magic Mike, Fireman, Gangster, Tradie, Pilot, Army, Suit, Sexy Businessman, 007 & Cop!

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horse riding male stripper jake
male strippers abdominal muscles

jake t.

melbourne male strippers

Male Stripper Jake travels between Melbourne and Sydney a lot so you can book him in either city - simply check with us if he will be in your town on the date of your function!

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jake pumping up before his strip show
rugged male stripper on a horse in melbourne

Jake's Stripper Costumes - Army, Cowboy & Soldier!

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melbourne male stripper jamie practically naked
male stripper jamie in bow tie and cuffs with a group of sexy hens in melbourne


male stripper melbourne

Actor, dancer, musician - you name it Jamie can probably do it!
Sensational routine, very game and a well known Male Stripper in Melbourne!

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full nude male stripper in melbourne dressed in swat costume
male adult entertainer in melbourne - jamie

Jamie's Stripper Costumes - S.W.A.T., Cop, Cowboy, Construction Worker/Tradie, Suit, Sexy Businessman, 007 & 50 Shades of Grey!

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full monty male stripper with sleave tattoo in melbourne's dandenong wearing police uniform
melbourne based male stripper in swat outfit and carrying a torch near footscray

joey p.

melbourne male strippers

Male Stripper in Melbourne and all round lovely guy, Joey will turn a dull day into a killer evening!
If your Bride-to-Be is a 'Game of Thrones' fan you have to book Joey in his Jon Snow outfit for her!

Tap, click or roll mouse over images of Joey for more...

good looking tattooed male stripper with perfect dark hair, beard and abs in melbourne's malvern
super hot bearded fireman stripper showing his excellent six-pack abs in melbourne's hawthorn

Joey's Stripper Costumes - Kilt, Jon Snow(Game of Thrones), Fireman, Tradie, Policeman, Cop and Cowboy!

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bearded male stripper in melbourne with shirt off revealing great body looking like he's had a hard day stripping
male stripper performing his striptease with the birthday girl at a melbourne cbd nightclub

leo s.

melbourne male strippers

Leo is one of our seasoned professional Male Strippers all the way from NZ. He'll be with us in Melbourne for the next six months so get in while you can!

Tap, click or roll mouse over images of Leo for more...

full monty male stripper melbourne modelling for the camera in melbourne's mount martha
good looking male stripper in very arty headshot on melbourne's mornington peninsula

Leo's Stripper Costumes - Tradie, SWAT, Suit, 007, Sexy Businessman, Army/Soldier aor Rugby Player!

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dark brown male stripper in melbourne - lushan
melbourne male stripper wearing a tuxedo - lushan


male strippers melbourne

Does your Bride like her men a little more exotic?
In that case Lushan could well be the Male Stripper of her dreams!
Exotic and erotic - that's our Lushan!

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full nude male strippers melbourne - lushan
nude male stripper in melbourne - lushan

Lushan's Stripper Costumes - Cop or Hitman!

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tattooed male stripper in melbourne dressed in cop costume - markee
melbourne male stripper markee with hot abs removing his shirt


male stripper melbourne

A Six-Pack of abs I hear you cry!
Check out the six-pack on Melbourne's very own Markee! Perfect for doing your Tequila body shots from! Lie him down, pop some lemon in his mouth, sprinkle some salt on his chest and line up the shots!

Tap, click or roll mouse over images of Markee for more...

full nude male stripper dressed as construction worker in melbourne
nude male stripper in melbourne - markee

Markee's Stripper Costumes - Fireman, SWAT & Tradie!

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melbourne male stripper dressed as cop
male strippers melbourne - pistol pete

pistol pete

melbourne male stripper

Pistol Pete is an internationally acclaimed Male Stripper having performed and worked in countries all over the world! For a 1st class stripping experience Pistol Pete is one of the best you will find in Melbourne! Ask us about his Stawberries and Cream Show!

Tap, click or roll mouse over images of Pistol Pete for more...

international male stripper in melbourne - pistol pete
full monty strippers melbourne - pete

Pistol Pete's Stripping Outfits - Cop!

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totally naked black male stripper in melbourne - tyson
black male strippers melbourne - tyson

tyson 2

male strippers melbourne

With just a handfull of Black Male Strippers in Melbourne, Tyson sure is popular and a Hen's Night favourite! He's another one that needs to be booked early to avoid disappointment!
Don't delay, if you know your date, Book him Today!

Tap, click or roll mouse over images of Tyson for more...

very dark skinned african stripper in melbourne - tyson
black strippers melbourne

Tyson 2's Stripping Outfits - Cop & Fireman!

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male strippers at a party in melbourne
male stripper on balcony overlooking yarra river in melbourne - tyson

tyson 3

male stripper melbourne

Tyson will rock the hens party with his superb Cowboy routine and finish off with just his hat on and his weapon cocked - yeeehaaaa!

Tap, click or roll mouse over images of Tyson for more...

tattooed and shirtless male stripper in melbourne casually leaning against wall
melbourne male stripper strutting

Tyson 3's Stripping Costumes - Commando & Cowboy!

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male fireman strippers in melbourne - zane
male stripper in melbourne with sensational physique - zane

zane w.

male strippers melbourne


Tap, click or roll mouse over images of Zane for more...

male stripper in his speedos - zane
brisbane male stripper flexing his abdominal muscles - zane

Zane's Striptease Outfits - Magic Mike, Cowboy, Fireman & Cop!

Where should you have your Male Stripper in Melbourne entertain you?

In the major cities such as Melbourne private settings are by far the best. If you are worried about having your Male Strippers come to your Hotel room, don't be - strippers are sent to hotel rooms all the time! Many hotels or serviced apartments have 'no party' policies but that is simply to give them the power to remove very unruly guests if its absolutely necessary, but in reality its rare - you need to be super loud after 10pm for anything to happen. If you aren't booking a hotel for your Hens then one of the girls' houses or apartments are other great options as your entertainment can come and go without you having to rush around keeping all the hens together and on time! We have sent many male strippers to Hens Parties at the Oaks on William Street in Melbourne CBD without any hiccups! You can see and click on the Google map below to see the exact location of The Oaks. Any similar venue will work well for having your stripper come to you. Whether you would like to be overlooking the Yarra River or be within walking distance of Flinders Street Station there is a serviced apartment or hotel perfect for your Hens Party nearby.

Another perfect venue for your Male Stripper to attend, which is often overlooked by many Hens, is the humble Karaoke room - and there are a myriad of those in Melbourne CBD. They are the perfect spot because they are cheap, you can rent them for short periods, they are licensed to serve drinks, and they are big enough for your stripper to break out all his moves without fear! Our strippers often get booked in Karaoke rooms! K-Box Karaoke and FM Karaoke are karaoke venues in Melbourne CBD that have private rooms necessary for your group of Hens and your Male Stripper to go wild! You can see and click on the Google map below to see the exact locations of K-Box and FM Karaoke...

K-Box Karaoke

The Oaks Serviced
Apartments Melbourne

FM Karaoke

Do you need a Male Stripper to come to you far from the Melbourne CBD?

We can certainly send our Male Entertainers to all the neighbouring areas and towns near Melbourne such as Geelong, Sunbury, The Mornington Peninsula, Werribee, Pakenham and we've even gone as far as Shepparton! We have Male Strippers for any occasion at any location!

Click the buttons below for our other services and the other Australian cities we cater for...

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