male stripper in perth wearing his farmer costume and showing off muscular biceps and abs

Male Strippers Perth

Male Strippers Perth

(Striptease Artists as we prefer to call them!)
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male stripper in perth dressed as a super hot shirtless policeman with a huge truncheon in subiaco

Perth Hens love Male Strippers – deprive your Hen of her Strip Show at your own risk!
She may say its not important, but trust us – if she doesn’t get one you will never hear the end of it!

Don't you know the Hens Night Golden Rule? – it's 'There must be Strippers no matter what!' Get some organised now!

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The fun begins here – scroll down through all our Hot Perth strippers...

Immediately below are our Perth Male Strippers...

super buff male stripper, shirtless and looking manly with his beard and hard body near perth's burswood peninsula
shirtless male stripper in perth - antoni


male stripper perth

Male Stripper Antoni is blonde, blue eyed and with rippling muscles is your ideal Aussie looking Hens Night Performer in Perth! He only ever gets fantastic feedback and the girls always love him as their bit of Nude Male Entertainment amongst the days Hens Activities!

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full nude male stripper removing shirt in perth - antoni
perth male stripper wearing tight boxer shorts in a corn field near perth's swan valley

Antoni's Stripper Costumes - SWAT & Army/Soldier!

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perth male stripper wearing camoflage outfit and pointing gun
topless male stripper in perth - brad


perth male strippers

You can be sure that our Male Stripper Brad's Fireman outfit is a good one because he is an actual Fireman! Don't think he can bring the work truck but he'll bring everything else!

Tap, click or roll mouse over images of Brad for more...

full nude male stripper in perth with half sleeve tattoo - brad
male strippers perth - brad

Brad's Stripper Costumes - Army/Camo, Fireman & Cop!

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perth male stripper in very authentic policeman uniform knocking on the door of a bachelorette party in perth's northbridge
male stripper only wearing a towel in perth's mirrabooka

champagne kane

perth male strippers

Look at this for a purebred Viking Male Stripper - tattoos, beard, head shaved at the sides like Ragnar Lothbrok and piercing blue eyes - and of course being a Viking he will bring his big axe to the party, or should we say... his big chopper!!
Book a Male Stripper in Perth today!

Tap, click or roll mouse over images of Champagne Kane for more...

viking male stripper naked in an apron with huge full sleave and back tattoo in a perth hens kitchen
naked male stripper lying on a sofa with great abs in perth's subiaco

Champagne Kane's Stripper Costumes - Cop, Thor, Fireman & Army!

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tattooed asian male stripper naked in the kitchen
asian male stripper in perth with fabulous physique

david f

asian male strippers

Perhaps your Bride-To-Be or Birthday Girl has a thing for muscular Super Heroes? Well, for something a bit different you could have Batman turn up to the party and rip all his clothes off to save the day, plus you might find that this Batmans' utility belt has 3 extra tools on show that the 'real' Batman normally keeps hidden! Kapowww!

Tap, click or roll mouse over images of David for more...

perth male stripper dressed as batman
male stripper helping serve canapes in a perth nightclub

David's Stripper Costumes - Batman, Terminator, Tradie/Construction Worker or SWAT!

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tattooed asian male stripper naked in the kitchen
asian male stripper in perth with fabulous physique


male strippers for hens in perth

Being a Mechanic, Male Stripper Gabriel is the ideal choice when it comes to servicing your Bride-to-Be! Perhaps some of the Bride's Maids also need a good tune! Male Entertainer Gabriel will not be afraid to get his hands dirty under the bonnet and will be sure to bring his biggest tool for the job! Book a Strip Show with Gabriel today!

Tap, click or roll mouse over images of Gabriel for more...

perth male stripper dressed as batman
male stripper helping serve canapes in a perth nightclub

Gabriel's Stripper Costumes - Mechanic, Cop/Policeman, Mexican Mariachi Band Outfit

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perth male stripper jaysen with tattoos and wearing suspenders
male strippers in perth partying with a bride - jaysen


male stripper perth

Jaysen has an awesome and totally unusual routine - he starts off in his suit and glasses as Clark Kent, rips open his shirt and tie to reveal Superman underneath - it's a really cool strip show! So if your Bride loves Superman, book Jaysen to make her evening spectacular!

Tap, click or roll mouse over images of Jaysen for more...

tattooed male stripper jaysen working in a perth nightclub
male stripper jaysen at a hens party in perth

Jaysen's Stripping Costumes - Clark Kent/Superman & 50 Shades of Grey!

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tall perth male stripper with his shirt open in cottesloe
tall male stripper in perth's northbridge area

joel c.

male stripper perth

Joel is the ideal Male Stripper for those of you with a few tall ladies attending your Hens Party or Girls Night - he is well over 6 foot so definitely the tall, dark and handsome type! Or maybe you simply have a short Bride that loves tall naked men! He is also one of the few Male Strippers that can perform as Harry Potter!! Either way, he'll always have his Magic Wand with him haha!

Tap, click or roll mouse over images of Joel for more...

perth male stripper over six foot tall wearing bumless apron near perth's swan river
male hens party performer serving drinks in perth's subiaco

Joel's Stripping Routines - Harry Potter, Cop, Construction Worker, Tradie, Suit, Sexy Business Man, James Bond 007 & 50 Shades of Grey!

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perth male stripper with multple hens and whipped cream
male stripper in perth performing full strip show in nightclub

joey f.

perth male strippers

What Bride doesn't like Dirty Dancing? Joey will come dressed as Patrick Swayze, dance with the Hen and even do 'the lift' but he'll also do something Mr Swayze didn't do - rip all his clothes off at the end lol! And if THAT isn't hot enough, you can also have him perform his incredible strip to naked fire show!! He's a one of a kind Stripper!

Tap, click or roll mouse over images of Joey for more...

perth male stripper performing his strip to nude fire show
hen licking whipped cream from nude male strippers arm

Joey's Stripping Costumes - Commando or Dirty Dancing's Patrick Swayze, Tradie, Magic Mike, Cop and SWAT!

Joey's Speciality FIRE STRIP SHOW Act - Joey is a Professional Fire Breather and his Fire Breathing Strip Show includes
Fire Body Tracing and a Massive Fire Breathing set all incorporated into the strip show - it's something to behold and
will blow the Hens away!
Plus it's only an extra $195 on top of all our normal strip show prices.

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perth male stripper in white singlet and combat trousers dancing for a hen
heavily tattooed and totally nude male stripper oiled up in perth's claisebrook


perth male stripper

Maverick by name and Maverick by nature! This is one Male Stripper that loves nothing more than getting up on stage and wowing all the Hens out there! Perfect pick for Stage Shows or Private Strip Shows alike! Absolute crowd pleaser! Call to book him now for you next Hens Night or other Special Occasion!

Tap, click or roll mouse over images of Maverick for more...

perth male strippers with tattoos - maverick
male striptease artist with full sleave tattoos wearing a sailors uniform in perth's lathlain

Maverick's Stripping Costumes - Top Gun, Suit, 50 Shades of Gray, Cop, Cowboy and more!!

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farmer wants a wife stripper in perth
italian stallion male stripper in perth looking sharp in unbuttoned shirt and suit jacket


perth male strippers

This Italian Stallion Male Stripper looks like he's ready to step onto the set of 'A Farmer Wants a Wife'! If all the farmers looked like Nevio the show would need to be renamed 'The City Slicker Needs a Wife' because all the girls will have moved to the country! A roll in the hay never looked so good!

Tap, click or roll mouse over images of Maxxx for more...

naked male stripper asleep on bed with awesome abdominal mid-section on display
super hot italian male stripper dressed up as a sexy farm hand

Maxxx's Stripping Costumes - Swat, Top Gun, Sexy Businessman, Suit, 007, Cowboy, Army/Soldier!

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male stripper in a perth nightclub
male stripper teasing a dancing hen

mr. m.

perth male stripper

Because Mr M is also a Topless Waiter, why not book him for one of our Strip/Topless Combos where he starts off serving a few drinks, lures everyone into a false sense of security and then BOOM - as a complete surprise to the rest of your guests he goes straight into a Full Costume Strip and blows their minds lol!!! Go to the Rates Page for more info on our Combos

Tap, click or roll mouse over images of Mr M for more...

male striptease artist grinding on a bride to be
male stripper performing his mr wolf routine

Mr M's Stripping Costumes - Werewolf or Michael Jackson's Thriller Routine!!

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male stripper resting in an arm chair in white undies in perth's northbridge area
perth male stripper sculpting his chiselled body at a gym in perth's applecross

mr. t.

perth male strippers

Male Striptease Artist Mr T has been seductively removing his clothes for the ladies for quite some time and so really has his show down to a fine art! Expect to be teased to the max! No, we can't tell you what's hiding in those undies - you'll have to book a strip show and find out for yourself!

Tap, click or roll mouse over images of Mr T for more...

speedos wearing male stripper pushing himself out of a pool in perth's cottesloe
dark haired naked male stripper taking a shower in perth's innaloo

Mr T's Strip Show Outfits - Cop, Fireman, Cowboy, Suit, 50 Shades of Grey, Sexy Businessman or James Bond 007!

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male strippers in perth - royce
perth male stripper - royce


male strippers perth


Tap, click or roll mouse over images of Royce for more...

male strippers for hens parties in perth - royce
oiled up perth male stripper - royce

Royce's Stripping Outfits - Cop, Construction Worker, Soldier, Clark Kent/Superman!

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awesome looking male stripper in fantastic cowboy outfit near perth's floreat
perth male stripper dressed as a cowboy complete with horses in perth's swan valley


male strippers perth

Perth based Male Stripper Shaun makes the best Cowboy - look at that costume! If you want a Cowboy for your Perth Hen's Party then you can't get more authentic than this Male Entertainer! Ok he probably won't bring the horse but he will bring his whip, his spurs and he will be ready to ride!

Tap, click or roll mouse over images of Shaun for more...

perth based male stripper showing off amazing physique in a shirtless cowboy outfit
tattooed and oiled cowboy stripper holding a horse by the reigns in perth's kings park

Shaun's Stripping Outfits - Cowboy, Tradie or Kink/Bondage Show (Shaun's Kink/Bondage Show is more expensive - POA)!

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ripped male strippers in perth - shivan
perth male stripper posing with a rose at hens party


male stripper perth

Need a bit of chocolate to entice the girls out? If so, you won't go far wrong with Shivan! He considers himself to be pretty dark and sweet lol! Fun loving easy going lad!

Tap, click or roll mouse over images of Shivan for more...

topless male entertainer for hens parties in perth - shivan
perth male stripper laughing

Shivan's Stripping Outfits - Cop & Army!

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tattooed french male stripper walking topless on perth's scarborough beach
young perth based male entertainer dressed in black pants and a bow tie ready to strip for some perth ladies


perth male entertainers

Bring a bit of 'je ne sais quois' to your next Hens Party with French Male Stripper Yan to give it that sophisticated European vibe! With everyone itching to travel right now, a dreamy young Frenchman removing all his clothes for you is surely the next best thing, n'est pas?!

Tap, click or roll mouse over images of Yan for more...

naughty looking male stripper complete with dimples and cheeky smile posing naked in an apron
male stripper with open shirt showing off great abs in perth's ardross

Yan's Strip Show Outfits - Navy Captain/Sailor, Suit, 50 Shades of Grey, Sexy Businessman or James Bond 007!

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perth male stripper jack half naked holding champagne bottle
male stripper in perth being kissed by two hot hens


male strippers perth

Johnny is always loved by all the girls! He is a boxer in his spare time so if he's got to be strong and he's got to be fast, you can definitely have him fresh from the fight! A Male Stripper is an essential tradition - don't break with tradition, book Johnny for your Hens now!

Tap, click or roll mouse over images of Johnny for more...

full monty perth male stripper jack with arm around sexy bride
male stripper at a hens event in perth

Johnny's Stripping Costumes - Cop!

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well built perth male stripper wearing cop outfit and brandishing his baton
perth striptease artist unbuttoning his shirt to reveal awesome physique


male strippers perth

Fabulous Male Stripper Yves comes complete with handcuffs and he will use them if you get out of line, and as you can see from his pictures he also has something long and hard to punish you with... his Policeman's baton of course - what did you think we meant?? Filthy!

If it's a really special occasion YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST book Yves's additional Strawberries & Cream Lollies Show - it's just an extra $50 and beyond worth it!

Tap, click or roll mouse over images of Yves for more...

greek god of a perth male stripper stepping out of the calm blue waters of the med
ripped policeman male strip show performer in perth's mount lawley

Yves's Strip Show Outfits - Cop, Fireman, Cowboy or Tradie!

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perth male stripper wearing gladiator costume
male stripper in perth stripping out of his commando outfit


perth male strippers

A really authentic costume always makes a Male Strip Show so much more entertaining! Check out Zed's Roman Centurion outfit - think 'Gladiator' but with a happy ending haha!

Tap, click or roll mouse over images of Zed for more...

perth male stripper in army costume
roman centurion male stripper - vj

Zed's Stripping Costumes - Army, Commando, Gladiator, 300!

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We know what you are thinking - which venues in Perth will allow my Male Stripper to perform?

Our opinion, which remember has been formed by sending many many Male Strippers all over Australia to all the major cities, is that Hotel Rooms, Serviced Apartments and Private Houses/Apartments are the easiest locations for your Male Stripper to show you his moves! These options mean not having to pay extra room hire fees, avoid minimum spends and remove the fear of being thrown out due to your stripper pushing the boundaries too far! Many licenced venues will not allow your stripper to 'go all the way' insisting on no nudity, whereas in your own space anything goes! If you choose a hotel or apartment that is centrally located you can even pop back just to meet your stripper, enjoy your show, and then go straight back out again - many Hens groups do this between dinner and heading out on the town or between other planned activities - a stripper is a great gap filler! Below we have included maps of a couple of serviced apartment buildings located in central Perth that some of our happy Hens have used before and are ideal for this purpose. Click the Google maps below for exact locations of The Adina and the Quest Apartments in Perth CBD.

If you really don't want to have your stripper at your hotel or perhaps none of the girls are even getting a hotel room then another perfect solution that often gets forgotten about is the simple Karaoke room. Strippers love coming to karaoke rooms because they are usually easy to find, have sound proof rooms and are totally private - Hens love karaoke rooms because they are cheap, can be hired by the hour and serve alcohol! There are many great Karaoke bars in Perth but make sure you choose one with private rooms!! Click the middle Google map below to see the exact location of Dragon Karaoke which has 28 private rooms of varying sizes and is very centrally located in Northbridge.

Quest Apts Perth
Mounts Bay Road

Dragon Karaoke
Northbridge Perth

Adina Apartments
Perth CBD

Will our Male Strippers venture outside the centre of Perth?

Yes! Our Strippers will travel to all the nearby WA areas in the Perth vicinity and towns far beyond such as Rockingham, Mandurah, and even as far as Bunbury! So do not fret, we will get a Male Stripper to you yet!

Click the buttons below for our other services and the other Australian cities we cater for...

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