totally naked male life drawing model in artistic pose

Life Drawing
for Brisbane Hens

Life Drawing Brisbane Hens

Hilarious Life drawing Classes
for Brisbane Hen Parties

Mobile Service or Licensed Venues available

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brisbane hens mobile art class model posing in red speedos

An upcoming Hen party, naked male life drawing models, a well stocked champagne fridge plus paper and pencils are all the ingredients necessary for an ideal afternoon of creativity and laughter in Brisbane! If you are one of the shy ones, a few flutes of bubbly will entice your inner artist, that everyone has, to sketch, doodle and scribble away!

Ask us about using your Live Art Model as your actual canvas - some of our Life Drawing Models are now available to be Body Painted - forget the paper, just paint directly onto your Nude Model!

Brisbane is not our only location! There are Life Drawing Models and Classes available across Australia in most of the other major cities - go to the bottom for links to all the other areas we serve.

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Now for the fun part – scroll down through all the brilliant Brisbane Male Life Drawing Models...

Immediately below are our Brisbane Life Drawing Models...

brisbane hens art class model posing like a mighty statue
super hot bachelorette party life drawing model with a smouldering look


life drawing brisbane

Make no mistake - Adam is a big lad! With muscles in places most wouldn't even know exist, there will be no lack of things to draw when you choose Adam as the art subject for your Hens Lifedrawing Class!

Tap, click or roll mouse over images of Adam for more...

life drawing model in brisbane with a cheeky smile
nude male art model looking out of window

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good looking life drawing model for hens nights in fortitude valley
ripped and stylishly tattooed live art model

ben l.

brisbane life drawing

It's Nude Life Drawing and its a Hens Party... sooo, make sure you get a super attractive model like Ben here to wow all your guests! He's got the smile, the body and maybe, just maybe he'll let you apply the oil! Book Ben Now!!

Tap, click or roll mouse over images of Ben for more...

brisbane hens life drawing model with dark hair, tan and great physique
very attractive male artists model for hens entertainment in brisbane's spring valley

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life drawing class model with amazing body getting undressed near brisbane's annerley
queensland based live art model for hens parties about to be surrounded by bachelorettes in brisbane's st lucia

brendan g.

sip & paint model
for arty hens in brisbane

'Please can we have a tall Life Drawing Model for our Hens Party?' is the most frequently asked question we get! Well, if tall is your question, then we sure do have the answer - and the answer is... Brendan! He is 6'6" so unless you are a party of Basketball players he will definitely hit the spot - the Brendan G spot!

Tap, click or roll mouse over images of Brendan for more...

abs and tattoos on this hens male nude art model for classes near brisbane's west end area
very tall life model for brisbane posing in his unbuttoned shirt and white undies in brisbane's morningside area

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brisbane live art model waitering before his lifedrawing class
lifedrawing model in brisbane dressed in black trousers


life drawing model brisbane

Book Cameron as your life drawing model but don't tell any of the other girls they are doing an Hens Art Class - only tell them he is just a waiter for the evening and then observe the hilarity when he disrobes in front of their very eyes and hands out sketch pads! Have your camera ready for some shocked looks on the other Hens faces!

Tap, click or roll mouse over images of Cameron for more...

smiling male art model wearing bow tie
life drawing class model - cameron

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brisbane life drawing class model shirtless and serving bubbly to a hens party in clear woolloongabba
queensland based nude art model with a group of bachelorettes near brisbane's toowong

chris g.

hens life drawing
model in brisbane

At 193cm you will definitely need your drawing pad orientated to portrait in order to fit this Life Drawing Model on the canvas! He's an ex-footy player so if you have a penchant for that type perhaps he can turn up in his footy kit before he gets his kit off! He's got a big... smile, and he ain't afraid to use it!

Tap, click or roll mouse over images of Chris for more...

live art model with a maid of honour near brisbane's kalinga
lightly tattooed life drawing model in brisbane wearing only his undies near stafford

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life drawing model with a beard and big smile in brisbane's clayfield
sip and paint class naked male model exposing his great abs and chest near hendra in brisbane


hens nude drawing model

Super cheerful and easy going Life Drawing Model - that's our Damian! He'll make you comfortable, loosen you up with a couple of drinks and then do what comes naturally... get naked and give you lots of drawing exercises of course!! Excellent, down to earth reliable lad - perfect for your next Brisbane Hens Event and now also available as your very own Man Canvas for Body Painting directly onto his skin!

Tap, click or roll mouse over images of Damian for more...

live art model with great pecs getting naked for his hens life drawing class
nude life drawing model posing in his undies looking very pleased with himself in tarragindi

For more info on Nude Lifedrawing/Body Painting with Damian as your naked man canvas, please ask!

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naked male artists model posing in artistic outdoor setting
totally nude life drawing male entertainer in The Thinker pose


life drawing brisbane

You may know that one of the hottest Ferrari body shapes is the 'Enzo' - we are wondering if Ferrari named it after this 'Life Drawing Model'! They are certainly both works of art that will get your heart racing BUT you can have 'our' Enzo posing naked in your living room for a lot less than having one of 'their' Enzo's sitting in you garage lol!!

Tap, click or roll mouse over images of Enzo for more...

life drawing class with bride-to-be and hens sketching a nude model
head shot of life drawing model in brisbane

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brisbane hens party male art model with great chest striding out of the sea near redcliffe bay
life drawing model posing knee deep in a construction worker outfit for a themed hens art day in brisbane's bulimba


life drawing classes
for brisbane hens

Jackson is a great Hens Live Art Model and always in tip top physical shape (as all Male Entertainers should be!) - both attributes are absolutely necessary for a successful and Fun Hens Art Class... the nudity helps too of course haha! He has been in the industry for 8 years and knows how to perform and entertain and really put on a good show!
Book Jackson TODAY!

Tap, click or roll mouse over images of Jackson for more...

sexy looking life model posing with his glasses on and his clipboard in hand in the coorparoo area of brisbane
hens lifedrawing class model posing wearing a sharp looking suit just like james bond in the brisbane suburb of kangaroo point

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lifedrawing model in brisbane wearing beany and naked under unbuttoned jacket
male live art model in swat costume prior to class

jacob h.

life drawing brisbane

It's so exciting to have your Life Drawing Class in the comfort of your own home! Wherever you are around the Brisbane region, Jacob will happily travel to you and keep the Hens entertained with his fun filled class! Plus he is also now available to be your actual life drawing canvas - that's right, you can Body Paint straight onto him!

Tap, click or roll mouse over images of Jacob for more...

art class model undressing from fireman costume
construction worker themed male life drawing model in toolbelt and hardhat

For more info on Naked Lifedrawing/Body Painting straight onto the skin,
please ask us about booking Jacob as your Man Canvas!!

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lifedrawing model in a brisbane pool wearing nothing but his sunnies in carindale
brisbane based male live art model preparing that buff body with a few chin ups


hens life drawing brisbane

Do you like to doodle? Well it's time to doodle some doodles!! Matty is not shy and won't have his surf board to hide behind at your Hens Party so you'll be able to get doodling his doodle, or any other body part for that matter, because being a Naked Art Class you'll be able to see it all!

Tap, click or roll mouse over images of Matty for more...

art class model catching a few waves at the beach to top up his tan ready for getting naked for some brisbane bachelorettes
hens male live art model cooling off in the pool after some tricky poses in south brisbane

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super hot male life drawing model for hens in brisbane
lumbersexual male live art model wearing plaid shirt

max s.

brisbane life drawing model


Tap, click or roll mouse over images of Max for more...

hot and tanned nude life drawing model - max
brisbane hens live art model naked in the shower

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male live art model preparing to get naked for the class near brisbane's newstead
stylishly tattooed nude male art model for hens near brisbane's fortitude valley

michael r.

brisbane hens live drawing

So, you've seen him half naked - how about seeing the other half unwrapped! Get up close and personal by booking a Fully Nude Live Art Class with this tattooed stallion of a Male Model!

Tap, click or roll mouse over images of Michael for more...

brisbane hens male life drawing model
super buff life drawing model near central brisbane

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italian looking male lifedrawing model in brisbane
ripped and tanned art class model by the pool

nic l.

life drawing brisbane

Nic is from the old country! Nothing like having an Italian Stallion prancing around in the nude on your Birthday or Hens Night! He is called the Italian Stallion for a reason - wouldn't you like to know why?? Booking is easy - just email us or give us a call

Tap, click or roll mouse over images of Nic for more...

brisbane life drawing model posing
nude live drawing model outdoors

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oiled up buff male life drawing model posing in brisbane's bowen hills
life drawing model lying down in his white undies in queensland's new farm


brisbane life drawing

Being a Personal Trainer, Nikolai really has that Commando look going for him and being a Life Drawing model 'Going Commando' is what it's all about right! In case you don't know what that means - 'Going Commando' means wearing no undies... well, now you know lol!! Perfect for your Hen's Party!!

Tap, click or roll mouse over images of Nikolai for more...

lean and lithe male life drawing model for hens nights in south brisbane
slim but muscular hens live art model

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hens art class model topless in brisbane
live art model baring all for his brisbane life drawing class


brisbane life drawing model

Originally a sensation from the other side of the country, Royce has decided to grace Queensland with his presence for a while! He's a fantastic all round Male Entertainer and no stranger to working the crowd - so if you want to keep the girls amused on your Girls Night Out, Royce is a great choice!

Tap, click or roll mouse over images of Royce for more...

buff male babe kneeling in nothing but undies
bachelorette live drawing class model in jeans and no shirt

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lifedrawing model posing for hens class totally nude
live art model sean posing topless

sean g.

life drawing brisbane

If you feel like drawing Sean is too far from the action then how about actually using him as your canvas? That's right, if you supply the paints(body paint of course!!) then Sean will pose while you bodypaint any, yes ANY, bit/bits of him you like! Definitely for the least shy of Hens Groups lol!

Tap, click or roll mouse over images of Sean for more...

brisbane life drawing model sean
sean being body painted by a group of hens in brisbane

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huge muscular lifedrawing model in brisbane with tattoos
hens art class model with full sleave tattoos

steve t.

brisbane life drawing model

Steve is literally a man mountain! Those arms are so big the tattoos are practically murals!!!! His body art will give you even more to draw if you pick him for your Life Drawing Class!

Tap, click or roll mouse over images of Steve for more...

life drawing model for brisbane hen - steve
brisbane live art class model - steve

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brisbane lifedrawing model in a hilarious waitering outfit
totally naked hens art class model


life drawing brisbane

Tasman is the perfect Life Drawing Model for your hens class especially if you have some older Nanas and Aunties attending your arty party. Why, you may ask? Well, in his day job he is a Paramedic so if he stops any hearts when he whips of his clothes, he will know how to restart them again! Tasman is your ideal down to earth blonde Aussie bloke - highly recommended!

Tap, click or roll mouse over images of tasman for more...

brisbane life drawing model looking buff in jeans
blonde smiling brisbane live art class model outside in speedos

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asian life drawing model in brisbane
dark skinned asian male hens life drawing model outside by pool


brisbane life drawing model

Always in fabulous shape Will will blow you away with his physique - check out those abdominal muscles - it'll be like drawing slabs of stone!

Tap, click or roll mouse over images of Will for more...

male art class model sunning himself in brisbane
life drawing adult entertainer posing

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muscular male model with awesome tattoos in brisbane
life drawing model pulling open jacket to reveal tattooed chest

william b.

life drawing brisbane

By the sheer number of requests we get for this guy we are assuming he is the ideal looking male specimen for girls and their Hens Parties in Queensland! We need to clone him! He's always heavily booked for Life Drawing Classes so make sure you contact us early if you have your heart set on this guy!

Tap, click or roll mouse over images of William for more...

hens party live art model posing in his white underwear
tattooed male entertainer and art model in brisbane looking super hot

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Great Locations for your Brisbane Hens Life Drawing Class…

In our experience one of the Bridesmaids', or your own house or apartment are the best locations for your Hens Lifedrawing but if those aren’t an option then hotel rooms are the next best thing. To follow are a few to consider that have held many a Hens Party with the Models on this site…

The Oaks Lexicon, Oaks Felix Apartments, Mantra Richmont and Breakfree in Fortitude Valley to name but a few!

With any of these you won’t be too far from the all important Nightlife, perhaps a Hens Cruise on the Brisbane River, a view from either the Wheel of Brisbane or Story Bridge Adventure Climb or maybe some last minute shopping of gifts for the Bride-to-Be at the Brisbane Arcade.

In Brisbane we also have an arrangement with a venue in Newstead called Work-Shop which is ideal for Life Drawing and you can even BYO! Its only about 10-15mins cab ride to Brisbane CBD or Fortitude Valley if you are planning on a girls night out on the town after your Art Session. If you would like further details regarding this venue please give us a call on 0405 156 358.

Oaks Lexicon Brisbane CBD

Mantra Richmont Spring Hill

Breakfree Fortitude Valley

We are in Ipswich near Brisbane – is that too far for Hen’s Knights to travel for the Life Drawing?

Not at all! The Life Drawing models are able to travel far and wide in the Brisbane area but we do suggest that if your Hens Event is going to be far from Brisbane CBD then you should make sure you secure your booking early on, especially if it’s to be on a Saturday. The Sunshine coast, out west further than Ipswich and South as far as Ballina and Byron Bay have been frequented by our models so no issues there – just ask us if you have any questions about your location by clicking here

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