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Male Stripper Rates

Male Stripper Rates

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Please check out the table below for some very competitive prices.

All Strips Shows include:

- the Male Stripper of your choice
(and with us you actually get the Strippers agreed upon on the night!)

- a super sexy and fun routine

- and group photos to finish!!

So much more than just a removal of clothes!

Ask about the different costumes that they can turn up in!

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for an accurate quote!

How much does a Male Stripper cost?

Male Stripper Price Guide below...

Hot G-String
Costume Strip

Show Rate!
++++ ++++ ++++
Our $70 Booking Fee
(inc GST)
then $150 to your male stripper on the night*
(Total is $220*)
Full Nude Super
Costume Strip!

++++ ++++ ++++
Our $70 Booking Fee
(inc GST)
then $180 to your male stripper on the night*
(Total is $250*)
Full Nude Double Act
Strip Show with 2 of...

Marco, Blake, Jaxson,
Aaron A, Michael or Sean
Our $160 Booking Fee
(inc GST)
then $400 to your male strippers on the night*
(Total is $560*)

30 Minute Strip/Mingle
Includes Full Strip
30 Mins in Total

++++ ++++ ++++
Our $90 Booking Fee
(inc GST)
then $210 to your male stripper on the night *
(Total is $300*)
1 Hour Strip/Topless
Includes Full Strip
1 Hour in Total

++++ ++++ ++++
Our $120 Booking Fee
(inc GST)
then $230 to your male stripper on the night *
(Total is $350*)
2 Hour Strip/Topless
Includes Full Strip
2 Hours in Total

++++ ++++ ++++
Our $160 Booking Fee
(inc GST)
then $280 to your male stripper on the night *
(Total is $440*)

For the quality of Strippers we have, you will not find better Male Stripper Rates!

*Some of our performers charge the Full Nude price regardless of G-string or Full Nude. Also, the above prices are a guide only as all Male Strippers are independent contractors and set their own Prices, however the above prices are the industry standard and we will tell you before you book if your ideal performer charges a different rate. Don't worry - it's rare!

** These rates cover Male Strippers in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Regional New South Wales and Adelaide BUT Male Strippers in Perth charge more for their services! For Perth Male Strippers please ADD $30 for a standard Full Costume Strip Show and please call for quotes for the other options listed above **

Please read our Terms and Conditions before booking

What do Male Strippers do?
Information on our Male Strip Shows below...

Hot G-String Male Strippers
- Show Info

If you've got a bit of a conservative group or a few elderly ladies with dodgy tickers attending your hens party then one of our G-String Male Strippers is definitely the way to go! However, you may be interested to know that this is the least chosen strip show option because most Hens realise that once the champagne is flowing the girls (and the Nana's!) are going to be screaming for more than a G-String!!

Your Stripper will perform his routine starting in full costume and gradually working his way down to his G-String teasing the hens and the bride all the way!

How long will your G-String Strip Show last?

All strippers vary but as a general rule your Stripper's routine will last approximately 12-13 minutes and then he will stay for a few group photos so he should be with you for between 15-20 minutes altogether.

Full Nude Male Strippers
- Show Info

This strip show is best if some full nudity is required but you don't have much time in your busy hens night schedule! This is fantastic for getting the girls going just before heading out on the town! One of our fab Male Strippers will start in full costume and finish leaving nothing to the imagination!

He will focus on the Hen, or more so on the guests if you have a shy Hen - just as you wish. Don't worry if you have Aunties and Nanas there - they probably haven't seen a young man in the buff for quite some time and always love it more than anyone else!

What is the duration of a Full Nude Strip Show?

For this option your Male Stripper's routine will last 12-13 minutes and then he will stay for a group photo or two so he should be with you for between 15-20 minutes altogether.

Full Nude Double Act Male Strippers
- Show Info

A Double Act Male Strip Show is the perfect thing to blow your Hen's minds! One stripper is lovely of course and is an essential ingredient for a successful Hens Night, but 2 is, well... totally unnecessary, but oh soooo much better! No-one neeeeds 2, but like just about everything in life - 2 is better than 1!

The boys will turn up together and perform together from full costume down to absolute Full Monty! You can mix and match your dream duo team from the lads listed above in the Male Stripper rates section. These boys will make your hens party unforgettable - definitely worth the extra few dollars!

How long does a Full Nude Double Act go for?

Your Double Act Male Strippers will be with you for about 20-25 minutes altogether. All routines differ a little but generally their actual routines will last for about 12-14 minutes and they will mix in some body shots, lap-dances, mingle with the girls and pose for photos! Worth every penny lol!

30 Minute Male Stripper Strip/Mingle
- Package Info

Many groups of Hens want their male stripper to stay with them for a little while longer after his actual routine has finished - perhaps for more photos, a bit of a mingle with the girls and maybe even a body shot or two! So for those hens parties that would rather not have him race out of the door we put together these next 3 male stripper packages.

Btw, what is a body shot I hear you ask? Have your male stripper lie down on his back, put a slice of lemon between his teeth, a line of salt on his chest and the all important shot of Tequila in a shot glass in his belly button - I think you can guess the rest lol - great picture oportunity with the bride doing the honours! For a more daring bride, pour the shot straight in his belly button without the glass!!

How long will your 30 Minute Strip/Mingle Striptease last?

With this option your stripper's routine will still last approximately 12-13 mins but he will stay with you for a full 30 minutes in total. Its better than the standard option in that it will feel like he has more time for you and your guests, not so rushed and way more picture opportunities with all the guests!

1 Hour Male Stripper Strip/Topless
- Package Info

If you've got a little more time between activities this is a great option. Your stripper will be with you long enough to perform his full costume strip, do some body shots, perhaps a bit of a lapdance for the hen and even join in on a game or two! If you don't have any games organised he can serve you a few drinks as your topless waiter! Put him to good use!

What is the length of the actual routine in our 1 Hour Strip/Topless Combo?

Just like in the 30 minute option but your stripper will remain with you for 1 hour in total. More body shots, more pictures, more time for games etc - less is not more, more is more!!!

2 Hour Male Stripper Strip/Topless
- Package Info

This Male Stripper Strip/Topless Waitering Combo package is a great option if you'd really like to get to know your stripper! 2 full hours filled with sexy fun! Your stripper will perform his fabulous full nude routine at any time of your choosing during the 2 hours (some hens like their stripper to perform at the beginning, some in the middle or even at the end - totally up to you!), provide some topless waitering, join in and help with your hens games, and everything listed in the other male stripper packages

How long does the show go for in our 2 Hour Strip/Topless Combo Package?

Similar to the 30 minute and 1 hour options except remember... more is MORE!

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