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Our Life Drawing - everything you need to know about our Mobile Classes, Models & Venues!

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Life Drawing, the Hens Night Idea with a difference!

Are you looking for something a little different to the traditional Male Hens Entertainment?

Well... look no further! A hilarious life drawing class has all the necessary ingredients for the perfect hens - male nudity, games, drinking and plenty of laughs! As much as a strip show is super important on a hens night, it's still just a few quick minutes of excitement whereas a fun live art class is an interactive hens activity, or dare we say hens experience, that provides a whole string of entertainment including topless waitering, games, nude drawing (of course!) stretching over a good 2 hours - it's extremely good value for money. If you can afford both... even better!

Life Drawing is also a fantastic option if you want the titilation of a naked or semi-nude man without any gratuitous grinding and in-your-face dance routine lol! Ideal for a mixed age group with the Nans and Aunties in tow or for the more civilized hens (if there is such a thing haha!)

And yes, we can provide fully mobile life drawing classes to your home!

You will not find a better Nude Art Class for Hens or better prices.

Life Drawing is a great Hens Night Activity!

Life Drawing - what you can expect from your booking...

All the Life Drawing Models listed on our booking site are independent of us but we only allow the most entertaining lads to advertise their services so you can be assured of a great experience enhancing your Hens Event no end!!

We will...

  • Send a fun lad to you for 2 hours with everything necessary (except many clothes!!) to create some fabulous masterpieces haha! Now, it's important to note that it is not easy to find models that 1. are in good shape 2. are reliable 3. actually have a bubbly and fun personality 4. have the necessary 'equipment' AAAND 5. are totally comfortable revealing that 'equipment' to a group full of women for extended periods of time - sooo, we can't guarantee which of our models you will get BUT he will definitely be one of the lads on the website!

Your Life Drawing Model will...

  • Start off serving a few drinks(if you have some for him to serve!), chat to the girls and get in on some photos, all to break the ice and make everyone feel totally comfortable before getting his kit off. Then after handing out the drawing materials he will get totally starkers and proceed to give you lots of fun short life drawing exercises, all the while striking multiple poses and finally finishing off with lots of group photos! It really is great fun!

  • Be completely naked, or if you have a more conservative group he can cover his nether regions with a towel or sarong or maybe you'd prefer him in undies or speedos - everything is up to you - you could even give him the classic bowl of fruit to position 'carefully'!!

  • Call you when he arrives on the night so please have your phone handy around the booking time.

Click here to check out our life drawing rates - they are the Best Prices in town :)

The Life Drawing Models we allow to display their profiles on our site are extremely reliable and ultra keen to deliver a great experience - if you are searching for a model of a specific type or look we understand that but please don't get too concerned with it as the personality required to be able to entertain a group of girls for 2 hours is waaaay more crucial!

You can see the quality of the lads on our site and you know its going to be one of them so nothing to worry about right!

Life Drawing FAQ's

  • Does it matter if I can't draw?

    Absolutely not! If you can hold a pencil you can draw! Of course some will be better than others but your model will give you such fun basic drawing exercises that you will amaze youself as you let go of your inhibitions and let your creative juices start to flow! The more you let go of what people think the more fun you will have and the more creative you will get - and if that doesn't work, there's always another glass of bubbly...that always works!!!!

  • How long will our Life Drawing Model be with us?

    2 hours altogether on all the standard Life drawing packages listed on the rates page. However you can book him for longer if you wish. For example, you could book him for an extra hour of waitering - just let us know at the time of booking as it might not be possible for you to extend the booking on the actual night if he has other bookings to get to.

  • Will our Live Art Model get totally naked?

    Yes! Nothing will be left to the imagination!!!

  • Is it ok NOT to have our Model totally nude?

    Of course! It's your drawing session so please dress him as you see fit. if you would like him to drape something over his wedding tackle or even keep his boxer shorts on, thats totally cool. Sometimes it's good to leave something to the imagination - simply let him know when he arrives.

  • Will our Lifedrawing Model bring the art materials or do we need to provide them?

    Yes! Your model will bring the art supplies including pads of paper and pencils!

  • Can we supply our own art materials, and will this make it cheaper?

    Yes! You may certainly provide all your own drawing materials and if you do we will not charge you the $5 per guest that you will see on the rates page

  • Can we use Charcoal to draw with and will you supply it?

    You may use charcoal BUT you will need to supply it - we used to provide charcoal because it is brilliant fun to use however it is messy and the models do not want to be resposible for it getting on pretty party dresses, furniture or hotel room carpets!! If you provide it - no problem!

  • Can we touch the Artists Models?

    Every model is different about this but harmless fun like having the Bride-to-Be pose with the model etc is fine but please try to show a bit of respect to your piece of meat lol!

  • Does the model just stand there for 2 hours while we draw?

    No! All these models have structured their classes to cater for the Hens Party meaning that YOU WILL NOT BE BORED! Each lifedrawing exercise and pose will only last a few minutes to keep the entertainment changing and the laughter flowing - remember, it's not a serious art class! Of course, if you are more serious about the drawing and want longer poses simply tell your model and he will accommodate accordingly! Generally we have found that attention spans are low at Hens Parties especially where alcohol is involved(does such a thing exist without??) so a faster paced session is better to keep all the guests engaged.

  • Can our Lifedrawing Class start off with a strip show?

  • Yes! Your model is going to be naked eventually so why not have him perform a full strip in preparation! This does cost more though and you must tell us at the time of booking if you want this to happen because only some of the art models can do this. For more details and the extra cost please check out our lifedrawing rates page

  • Considering that Lifedrawing Classes involve nudity, where can I hold my Hens Life Drawing Function?

    Any private setting will be the best option and if you plan to have it in a licensed venue please ask the venue if they are happy for you to have a nude model in their establishment, even if you have hired a private room. We provide a fully mobile service so as long as it's private the boys can do it, although sometimes the guys have even done it in peoples gardens!! Clear winners are your house, apartment, hotel room or restaurant private function room. Life drawing models hold their classes in these settings all the time! Houses and apartments work very well because they allow you to come and go as you please with no real time worries about having to be anywhere at any specific times plus you'll have the room for the whole night and a lot more money left over to spend on alcohol and nibbles that you would have spent on hiring a venue. Please ask us if unsure about your chosen venue. Alternatively you can have your hens life drawing function at one of the venues we have agreements with that are listed on the Life Drawing Rates page

  • Could I have a Life Drawing Class for my Divorce Party?

    Absolutely! You can book them for pretty much any special occasion such as a Girls Night Out, Bridal Shower, Birthdays or even a Baby Shower - you name it and we can help!

  • Can we take pictures and videos of our Life Model?

    Again all models have different rules about this but generally your performer will ask for the cameras to be put down when he gets nude and you must obey!! If he doesn't say then snap away! If you do get some great shots of you and the group enjoying their class pleeease send them to us or tag us on Facebook as we'd love to see them!

  • Is it ok if one of my hens group is male?

    As long as you let us know at the time of booking that you may have one or two lads there it'll be no problem BUT it's important to let us know because some models will only perform for girls and you don't want an awkward situation on the night!

Have fun browsing our selection of Life Drawing Models, and give us a call to book a Life Drawing Class for your next event! We promise you that a Hen’s Knights Life Drawing Class will be a memory of a lifetime that you will have to share with all your guests!

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