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Topless Waiters Info...

Topless Waiters Info...

Our Topless Waiters - everything you need to know!

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E: info@hensknights.com.au
T: 0405 156 358

topless apron waiter holding champagne and glasses

Planning a Hen's Night for the girls?

A Birthday Party for your best friend, or a Girls Night Out perhaps?

Well...who's going to mix your cocktails, pour your drinks, serve the food and provide the eye-candy while you get on with enjoying yourselves? Let us tell you...

Our Hot Topless Waiters, that's who!

Your Topless Waiters - what to expect...

  • Our site provides you with access to immaculately groomed topless hunks to take care of it all!

  • Leaving you to just admire the landscape, or should I say... Manscape!

But, not only that, if you wish they will...

  • Provide mini shoulder massages!

  • Join in and play all your hens games with you!

  • Mix and mingle with all the guests!

  • Lay down at your beck and call for body shots!

  • And generally join in with all the fun!

And all that for the Best Prices in town :)

All the boys have been chosen for their attentiveness, attention to detail and bubbly personality...

Oh, and they won't be too hard on the eyes either!

Topless Waiter FAQ's

  • Will my Topless Waiters make our drinks as well as serve them?

    Yes! Your hunky waiters will be able to make basic drinks with whatever alcohol and mixers you provide or perhaps you'd like them to walk around with bottles of champagne topping up the girls' glasses - no problem either!

  • Do my Topless Waiters provide our alcohol?

    No, if it is a private setting you will need to provide all your own alcohol and mixers. However if your function is at a licenced venue you will be able to buy your drinks at the bar unless your package includes drinks - either way your Buff Butlers will serve them!

  • Can my Topless Waiters make Cocktails?

    Yes! But please bear in mind that none of the boys are trained Cocktail Barmen so they might not be perfect but if you provide them with a recipe for the cocktails you would like and the ingredients, your magic men will happily make them for you!

  • What will my Topless Waiters wear?

    Your lads will wear black trousers, black shoes and a bow tie!

  • Are there any other options for what the Topless Waiters wear?

    Yes! If you are having a Hen's Pool Party or Hen's Harbour Boat Cruise many Hen's groups request their Topless Waiters dress in board shorts. Or perhaps you would like your waiters more casual in which case jeans also work well. Boardies and Jeans can be requested at no extra cost! Another great option is the Bumless Apron which is hilarious and makes the party just that little bit cheekier! There is an extra cost for having your waiter in an Apron though - please check the topless waiter Rates Page for details

  • Can my Topless Waiter be Nude?

    Yes! There are only a handful of lads that will provide Nude Waitering and it's ALOT more expensive but then again, you get ALOT more for your money lol - please check the topless waitering Rates Page for prices

  • Can we take photos of our Topless Waiters?

    Absolutely! Make sure you rope your butlers into heaps of photos with you, the Bride, the Maid of Honour and as many guests as possible - and make sure you include any Mum's and Auntie's, they will love it the most once you get them over their shyness! And if you remember, pleeease send us a few or even post them on our Facebook page!

  • Is there a minimum booking time for a Topless Waiter?

    Yes. The minumum booking time is 2 hours. You can book a waiter for less time but only if you also book them for a strip show within that time.

  • Can we have our Topless Waiters at our Hotel Room?

    Yes! We send our waiters to hotel rooms all the time. We also send them to private houses and apartments, private function rooms of restaurants, nightclubs and even karaoke rooms! If in doubt please ask us.

  • Are Hen's Knights Topless Waiters only for Hens Parties?

    No! You can book them for the Girls Night Out, Birthdays, Divorce Parties - you name the Special Ocassion and we will endeavour to accommodate!

Feel free to browse our gallery of hunks, and give us a call to book one of the guys for your next party! We promise you that a Hen’s Knights Topless Waiter is not something to be missed!

Please click to email us at info@hensknights.com.au
or click to call us on
0405 156 358
for an accurate quote!

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