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Hosting a Mobile Hens Life Drawing Class for the girls at your home?

5 Fun and Easy Life drawing Exercises that anyone can do at a Hens Party...

Hosting a Mobile Hens Life Drawing Class for the girls at your home?

5 Fun and Easy Life drawing Exercises that anyone can do at a Hens Party...

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It’s a bit daunting having a hens life drawing class for the girls at home, but never fear because we have put together some really, really simple and fun exercises that you and your friends can all do with absolutely no drawing experience!

Alternatively of course, you can book a mobile hens life drawing class through us and your model will show you all the exercises first hand! For more information on our mobile life drawing classes and FAQ's(Frequently Asked Questions) please click this link. And be sure to compare our life drawing hens prices...they are excellent!

Here are the exercises...

  1. No Peeking! (officially called a ‘Blind Contour Drawing’)
    Duration: 3-5 Minutes

    Let’s not pretend that you have organized this class solely for the drawing shall we? No, no, no – the girls want to see some nudity and this first exercise will make sure they get an eyeful!

    Have the girls hold their pencils to the page and then look at the model. Without lifting their pencils off the page the girls must not take their eyes off their model. With their eyes following every contour of his body the girls must draw a continuous line of everything they see including as much of the detail as possible – not just an outline!

    Tell them to take up the whole page!

    Yes, the girls must NOT look at their page throughout the exercise!!!

    Yes, the pencil must STAY on the page throughout the exercise!!!

    Yes, the girls will be staring at a naked man for at least 3 whole minutes without looking away haha!

    Yes, the pictures will look crazy but don’t worry - they are supposed to!

    Why do this exercise other than to stare unashamedly at a nude male model??

    It will teach the girls to look at their subject rather than their page. Most beginners hardly look up from their page at all – good artists look at their subject far more than their page – you can’t draw from memory as well as you can from the actual subject unless you have a photographic memory of course, but most of us don’t!

    Plus they will notice far more detail rather than just drawing a simple outline of the subject or a basic stick man. If any girls are self-conscious about looking at the naked man, this exercise will get them over it in no time – well, 3 minutes to be exact lol!

    If the girls stick to the rules you will get some hilarious drawings – ‘figure 1’ below is an example of a 1 minute contour drawing of a face by a complete beginner and as you can see it is amusing but definitely possible to determine specific features. Imagine the giggles when the girls have to draw all the features of your naked man!!!!

    blind contour drawing of artists model

    figure 1

  2. Left Hand Only!
    Duration: 7-10 Minutes

    Have all the girls put their pencils in their left hand if they are right handed and in their right hand if they are left handed. They must draw only with their opposite hand!

    Yes, everyone will curse you for this, but persevere - the results will be worth it!

    Ask them to look at their subject as much as possible but this time they can look at their page when necessary.

    Yes, it will feel extremely awkward to begin with but after a minute they will find it easier – just start and a drawing will appear!

    Rather than drawing long outlines, instruct them to try doing lots and lots of short lines to create a longer line as if you are shading something in (imagine drawing a thin feather to create a line) – this will make opposite hand drawing far easier.

    Take up the whole page and don’t let anyone give up too easily!

    Why do this left handed hens life drawing exercise?

    All beginners feel self-conscious about drawing and think ‘they can’t draw’ and some will flat out refuse to draw as a result – this exercise puts everyone on a level playing field giving no-one an excuse not to draw! Also, if the girls stick to the exercise and don’t cheat with the other hand you will all be amazed at the results. I know it sounds crazy but often beginners will draw better with their opposite hand to start with and the results blow them away!

    Many people will remember what they have done with their opposite hand, like the feathering technique, and bring it across to use with their other hand.

  3. Stick Man, Bubble Man, Outline!
    Duration: 2-4 Minutes
    Repeat the entire exercise for 2 more poses, therefore 6-12 Minutes in total

    This exercise has three parts to it and to everyone’s relief it will be with their normal hand!

    Have your model stand in a very simple pose.

    First step is for everyone to draw a simple stick man of their model – BUT he must have hips, not just a ‘V’ where his legs meet (see figure 2 below)

    Take up the whole page!

    Second step is to turn your stick man into the Michelin Man by adding oval shaped bubbles on top of your stick man to give him muscles! (see figure 2 below)

    Third step is to shade and blend the bubbles together! (see figure 2 below)

    You’ll be stunned once again at the results, especially from the ‘I can’t draw’ brigade!

    Why do this stickman, bubbleman, outline exercise?

    This exercise will demonstrate that from a simple stick figure in virtually any position even a complete novice will be able to draw what will resemble a human! Of course some of your guests will have more natural talent than others but it provides a simple system for people to improve with. If you have the girls do this 2 or 3 times, the improvement from the first attempt is always remarkable.

    See ‘figure 2’ for an example of the 3 steps drawn by a complete beginner armed with just the information provided above. Apart from the proportions being a little out, the figure is easily recognizable. To help with the proportions it’s useful to remember that the height of an average adult is 8 times the height of the head.

    stick man drawing of nude life drawing model bubble man drawing of nude life drawing model outline drawing of artists naked male model

    figure 2

  4. Choose a Body Part!
    Duration: 5-10 Minutes

    Have all the girls pick a body part – don’t worry, there’ll always be one that is happy to draw his man parts! In fact they’ll probably fight over it lol! Alternatively if you are expecting a fight over body parts you can write all the major body parts on small pieces of paper depending upon how many guests you have and have each guest pick their body part from a hat! Make sure you include the obvious right leg, left leg, back, chest, abs, right arm, left arm, head etc but dont forget the all important bum and willy!!!! (it goes without saying that these last two are like winning the pull-from-hat life drawing class lottery haha!!)

    They can use their normal hand, but remind them not just to draw an outline but also to include as much detail as they can see such as hair, veins, creases, eyelashes, eyebrows, muscles, freckles, belly button, nipples etc!

    Remind them to fill the whole page!

    Remind them to use the side of their pencil for shading to create more texture and depth to the pictures.

    Once everyone has finished you can arrange the pictures on the floor to create a collage of the whole male model. This usually produces some pretty hilarious results!

  5. Musical Easels!
    Depends on the number of girls but 15 minutes is usually a good time to let it run for

    Have the model strike a pose

    Tell the girls to start drawing and that every 30 to 60 seconds you will say ‘Change’ and when you say change, they should stand up, put their pads on their chair, take their pencil with them and move one chair to their left effectively having them all move in a clockwise direction, from one pad to the next so that everyone contributes to each others’ drawings as they move round. The drawings will gradually take shape as each person adds more features.

    IMPORTANT: DON’T be tempted to simply pass the pads from one person to the next instead of actually moving from seat to seat because the pads need to stay at the same position relative to the model!!

    Once the drawings start to take shape you can tell them to let their imaginations run wild adding something funny to the next picture they move to like horns, a tail, clothing, tattoo’s, wings etc so that after a while the final drawings are ridiculously funny.

    Why do this musical easels hens life drawing exercise?

    For one the results are usually very amusing! Generally because each person feels no responsibility for any of the drawings other than the one they initiated, they draw like a child in that they really let go of worrying about what people think about their drawing skills and just draw. A child will enjoy drawing with no fear of judgment whereas adults are often in constant fear of what others will think – this exercise, like the left handed one really helps to eliminate that fear and bring out the fearless artist!

    'figure 3' is a VERY tame example of a Musical Easels Drawing - quite often they end up completely out of control and certainly not suitable for taking home and sticking to the fridge!!!

    crazy musical easels drawing of artists model

    figure 3

    All the exercises we have mentioned above are ideal for a fun Hens night of life drawing because each one is short in duration, simple to understand and can be attempted by anyone. Hens Parties are not known for their participants having long attention spans, and with a few glasses of bubbly thrown in to the mix, short and simple is important! Plus, it keeps things moving at a reasonable pace!

    Often the question is asked of us – ‘2 hours is quite long, won’t my guests get bored?’, but its important to remember that these exercises, although used by professional artists to hone their skills, do not involve an inanimate model sitting in the same position for hours on end – these short exercises are designed to enable a myriad of different poses and those all important breaks to top up the bubbly!! Plus with the Hen’s Knights' format your life drawing model begins as your Topless Waiter for 20 to 30mins to break the ice and make you feel at ease with him before the pants come off! The actual drawing itself lasts approximately one hour and a quarter and then for the last 10 to 15 minutes he will do group photos with everyone. So, as you can imagine – it’s all go and there’s no time to be bored!

    The best thing about holding this type of girls’ event at home is less stress! You will be taken out of your comfort zone with the naked drawing, so the last thing you need is the added stress of being the ‘shepherdess’ having to organize for all your Hens to be at a specific venue which you have no control over. At home you can simply set a time for everyone to arrive and let things unfold more naturally, allowing a bit of extra time for a few stragglers and then not having to look at your watch worrying how long you have the room hired for etc. However, the most compelling reason is probably the cost! For example, the cost of a mobile life drawing class is significantly lower than the price of a life drawing class at a licensed venue.

    You will of course need Hot Male Life Drawing Models that will travel if you do elect to hold the party at home though, and what better place to get one from than Hen's Knights? Our Knights are fully mobile and will come to you wherever you may be, they will even run the above exercises for you and bring all the necessary equipment so that you don’t need to think about a thing! Why not check out our very reasonable mobile life drawing rates for hens parties?

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