hot life drawing model for virtual hens parties

Are you thinking of having a Virtual Hens Party during the COVID-19 Lockdown?

Boost the Fun by Booking a Live Virtual Male Stripper or Life Drawing Model to 'come' to the party by performing for you On-Line!

Are you thinking of having a Virtual Hens Party during the COVID-19 Lockdown?

Boost the Fun by Booking a Live Virtual Male Stripper or Life Drawing Model to 'come' to the party by performing for you On-Line!

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virtual male stripper for virtual zoom birthday parties

Live Virtual Male Strippers and Live On-Line Life Drawing Classes

Male Strippers performing On-Line and Virtual Life Drawing Models for Hens and Birthday Parties on platforms such as Zoom, Houseparty, Whatsapp and Facetime is the new 'big thing'!!

You heard correct, during this Covid-19 lockdown girls are having Virtual On-Line Hens Nights and Virtual Birthday Parties - we are getting heaps of enquiries for Strippers to perform live at virtual Zoom parties etc!

We realise it sounds crazy but think about how much more hilarious your on-line Hens or Virtual Birthday on Houseparty will be when a new window pops up on the screen amongst all your friends with your Super Hot Male Stripper ready to perform just for your group and in particular for your Bride-to-Be or Birthday Girl!!!

If you haven't considered it - consider it!!!! Loads of hens are resorting to a Virtual Hens Party over the next few months while gatherings are a no-no. And what better way to enhance the fun than with a male stripper or totally nude live art model?

How does having a live Virtual Male Entertainer work?

The fun begins with choosing your Male Stripper or Life Drawing Model from all the Hot Men on our website - and because they will be performing remotely you will be able to choose from any of the Strippers or Artists Models in all the cities and states! So make sure you sit down with a glass of wine each and have a good laugh with the girls looking through all the sexy lads we have in Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide - because you can now book any of them no matter where you will be anywhere in the world!!

Click the following city names to check out all the lads in that city (remember: you can choose any of them from any city for a virtual performance!)...

For all our Virtual Male Strippers click the links to each city... Virtual Male Strippers from Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Perth, or Adelaide.

For all our Virtual Life Drawing Models click the links to each city... Virtual Life Drawing Models from Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Perth, or Adelaide.

Once you have chosen your favourites and you have the date and time that you want, you are ready to book. Fast forward to the big day and to the time you have specified and you will be able to invite him to join your Virtual Zoom Hens or Birthday party - he will then perform a live full costume strip via his phone or computer camera just for your party and it will be specifically designed to make your particular hen or birthday girl feel super special. And remember because he won’t be physically coming to you, you can pick any of our strippers from any state!

Of course it won’t be the same as in the flesh but it will be hilarious and give everyone a welcome fun bit of excitement at your virtual party - you could even keep it a secret from everyone, or just from the bride-to-be, to make it even more hilarious when he suddenly appears on the screen! Plus the Cost of a Virtual Stripper is almost half the normal cost of a normal strip show with zero travel costs even if you are on the moon - the only thing you need is to make sure you have great WIFI!!! We can make sure your stripper gives you a great performance but we can’t be responsible for dodgy WIFI!

The same goes for the Virtual Lifedrawing Models - at the time you have booked they will join your virtual party and bring the fully nude life drawing class to you wherever you are from wherever they are! You will need to provide you own drawing materials though - but this is not difficult, just a pencil and some paper will do just fine or you can get a bit more creative with charcoal or perhaps some coloured crayons!

And incredibly, the Price of a Virtual Life Drawing Model is almost half the normal price!!

Virtually Anywhere!

And don't think for a second that booking a virtual stripper or lifedrawing model is just during COVID - no, no, no! This revolutionary way of delivering this type of live personalised male entertainment can also be booked if you are located in a remote area where booking a normal strip show is either not possible or waaay too expensive when you add travel costs. Imagine if you live in Orange NSW or Shepparton in Victoria or even Alice Springs but simply can't afford an extra few hundred dollars in travel but still want a bit of hilariously naughty fun? Or what about if you absolutely have your heart set on say Male Stripper Blake from Sydney performing for you but you are in Brisbane? What better idea than an On-Line Personailsed Strip Show or Life Drawing Class regardless of whether there is a COVID lockdown or not! It's just for the giggle factor remember - and either will be very giggle worthy!

And don't even begin to think this is limited to Australia - we have already provided Live Zoom Party Strip Shows and Live Life Drawing Models to Zoom parties all over the world including to America (USA), England (UK), New Zealand and even India!!! It seems many girls from many countries love a hot Aussie bloke entertaining them at their Hens or Birthday party - and now he can be beamed to them live straight from Down Under!

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