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Popular Hens Party Games:

The Top 5 Best and Simplest Hens Games you can play with the most basic of household items available from any supermarket!

Admittedly, some are a bit naughty!

Popular Hens Party Games:

The Top 5 Best and Simplest Hens Games you can play with the most basic of household items available from any supermarket!

Admittedly, some are a bit naughty!

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So you have organized a Hens Party for 20 of your Bride-To-Be’s best friends! You’ve organized the hotel room, the alcohol, the nibbles, the meeting time, the theme and the crazy outfit for the Bride – congratulations, that’s the easy part over! Now all you have to do is entertain a group of girls half of whom you don’t even know, let alone knowing what they would find fun!

Wouldn’t it be great to have a list of a few tried and tested fun Hens Games that even the coolest of girls will have a laugh with and that won’t require heaps of preparation, expensive purchases or equipment to be lugged around on the day of the event??

Well, we have been in this game for many, many years and some of the best just require a quick trip to the supermarket. Yes, some are a bit risque so let’s start with a nice tame one that won’t shock anyone...

(And remember, to increase the fun no end you can book a Topless Waiter through us and he will help you run all the games! For more information on our Topless Waiters and FAQ's(Frequently Asked Questions) please click this link.

Here are the games...

  1. Mummify your Man! (probably better know as the Toilet Paper Wedding Dress game!)

    Equipment Necessary: Several Rolls of Toilet Paper

    How to Play:

    • Split the girls into teams of 5 or 6 girls or simply split the whole group into 2 teams

    • Each team now selects their ‘model’ from their team and traditionally if you don’t have any Topless Waiters, one of the models should be the Bride!

    • Depending upon how elaborate you want your Toilet Paper Wedding Dresses or Mummies to be choose a duration for the game to last – 5 to 10 minutes is a good amount of time for this game but that’s totally up to you. Set the Timer on your phone!

    • Each team must now use their toilet rolls to wrap, scrunch, tie, drape, bedeck and generally decorate their model in the most fabulous wedding dress or ornate mummification their creative juices can muster!!

    • Once the Timer reaches zero all toilet roll use must cease immediately (unless you are in the loo of course lol!)

    • Now it’s important to take heaps of photos, selfies and group pics with your incredible creations!

    • Send a pic of each Wedding Dress to a friend or relative that couldn’t attend so that they can judge the winner! Or even post the pics on Facebook for the most number of votes!

    This game can produce some hilarious results and you won’t believe how creative some of your Hens will be under pressure!

    Brilliant Variation – many Hens hire a Topless Waiter or 2 for their Hens Party and if you decide to do that too it is an absolutely fantastic idea to rope them in as your models for this type of Hens Game! If you hire the one waiter then make sure you use him as the model on one team and the Bride as the model on the other – if you have 2 Topless Waiters then you could even have the Bride watch the creativity unfold and then judge the winners! Click this link for more information on Topless Waiters. Even better still is to have a Mobile Life Drawing Class and finish off with this game – why is that better you may ask? Well, because your model will be completely naked making the mummification process even more amusing especially if you leave certain 'bits' to the very end!! Click this link for more information on Life Drawing Classes and the Models

    topless waiter and hen wrapped in toilet paper
  2. Sculpt a Willy!

    Equipment Necessary: Anything malleable really but favourites are Cucumbers, Play Dough or Pastry Dough. If you use cucumbers you will also need some knives (plastic ones will do!).

    How to Play:

    • Hand out a cucumber, lump of Play Dough of lump of Pastry to each of your guests

    • Then everyone should think of the most impressive or funny Willy they’ve ever seen - and sculpt it! Do not forget the balls!!!!!!!

    • The results will be even funnier if everyone tries to hide their creations from view until the big reveal!

    • Once again if you have a Buff Butler or Life Drawing Model on hand you can either have them judge the resulting members or even model for them haha!!

    • If you are a very organized Maid-Of-Honour or just an organized bunch of hens in general its always good to have a few little prizes to give away to the winners of such artistic games!

    • Finally, if you opted to make Pastry Penises it would be a crime not to stick them all on a tray, bung them in the oven and then dip the balls in chocolate for a tasty Hens treat before heading out on the town! Chocolaty balls...yummm!

    • And remember to take heaps of pictures, of your hilarious appendages!

    • Send a pic of your new penis collection to a friend or relative that couldn’t attend so that they can pick a winner! Not sure if you can post that on Facebook for votes haha!

  3. Naughty Drinking Charades!

    Equipment Necessary: A pen, scraps of paper and a bowl

    How to Play:

    • Give all the girls a small scrap of paper and ask them to write a word or two on it – saucy words are good! Things like Horny, Penis, Man, the Grooms Name, Wedding, Sex etc. – you get the picture!

    • The girls must also write their name on the scrap of paper

    • Put all the pieces of paper into a bowl

    • Have all the girls form a semi-circle with the Bride in the middle

    • The Hen must then take a piece of paper from the bowl

    • The Hen will tell whoever’s name is on the paper that they must remain quiet for this particular round

    • The Hen must then act out the word that is written on it for all the other guests to guess (except the guest that wrote it!)

    • A time limit for each word can be set – time limits of 30 seconds to 1 minute work well but you can all decide

    • If someone guesses the word or phrase she is acting out, that person can nominate another to take a drink, however if no-one guesses the word or phrase then the Hen must drink!

    • Repeat until all the words are gone or everyone is too smashed to read lol!

    Variation – If you have a bit of a shy Hen you can have everyone take it in turns to act out the words rather than subjecting the Hen to every word! If you have hired a Topless Waiter make sure you rope him in to a few rounds! If you wish you can check out the cost of booking a Topless Waiter by clicking here.

  4. Balloon Sex!

    Equipment Necessary: Balloons

    This hen’s game produces some absolutely ridiculous results and we highly recommend that you have cameras at the ready for some moments that should never be forgotten. This is one hens party game that is best initiated once everyone has had a few drinks and the inhibitions are well and truly disposed of!

    How to Play:

    • Split the group into 2 teams

    • Split each team into pairs

    • Give each pair an inflated balloon

    • Select one pair from each team to compete against each other

    • Each of the selected pairs must try to pop their balloon by squashing it between them using only a sexual move/position, BUT if they pop their balloon using their hands, nails or teeth...they lose!

    • Best to do this with one pair from each team at a time so that all the others get to watch and record the ridiculousness that ensues!

    • The pair that pops first wins a point for their team and the entire losing team has to drink!

    • Repeat until all pairs from both teams have played

    • When the points are tallied at the end the losing team can be made to do a dare, drink or any other devious things you can think up!

    To make it even more hilarious don't inflate the balloons too much so that they are harder to pop!

    Great Variation If you have 2 Topless Waiters simply split the group into 2 teams and then rather than splitting the teams into pairs simply allocate one of the waiters to each team and have each girl take their turn with him instead – very, very funny especially if you have a gender reversal, the girl being the man and the shirtless butler being the girl in the relationship!!!! Even if you have just the one Topless Waiter you can swap him between teams for each round! Click here for more information and FAQ's on booking a Buff Butler to play with!

  5. Look, No Hands!

    Equipment Necessary: 2 bananas or Cucumbers and some condoms (flavoured condoms are always well received for this game!!)

    Once again this game will have you all in stitches at watching the efforts of your fellow Hens either fail miserably or, much to your surprise, have skills that you were either not aware of or did not expect them to have! You’ll probably be most surprised by the quiet ones of the group!!

    How to Play:

    • Split the group into 2 teams

    • One member (no pun intended lol) from each group to pick up their banana/cucumber and compete against each other to see who can put a condom onto their banana/cucumber the fastest – however, there is a catch…they cannot touch the condom with their hands at all!! If we were intending to make a pun, you could say this test is a Head-to-Head competition!

    • The losing member (there it is again, totally unintentionally of course!) will have to drink and so will the rest of her team!

    • Keep going until everyone has had a go.

    • Again this is a game that is best played with a few drinks under one’s belts!

    Variation for the VERY VERY Naughty: If you have a Topless Waiter or Life Drawing Model at hand...umm...kidding!

Hen’s Games are a fantastic idea to get all the girls going early on in the evening and as you can see the ones above are so easy to organize. Many Hens events start at home or in hotel rooms and many of the guests do not know each other. These types of hen’s games get the girls to interact with each other straight away, breaking any ice that might need to be broken with a resounding smash! Yes, you will get some prudes and you will get some shy ones but that’s why it’s important to incorporate copious amounts of alcohol into the games!

Pat yourself on the back Maid-Of-Honour...job done!

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