tattooed male stripper in santa hat

What Male Stripper outfit would your Hen love her performer to arrive in?

Don't just think Fireman or Cop - get creative!

Male Strippers and the Incredible Effort some will put into their Costumes...

What Male Stripper Outfit would your Hen love her performer to arrive in?

Don't just think Fireman or Cop - get creative!

Male Strippers and the Incredible Effort some will put into their Costumes...

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male stripper in firefighter with axe

When most Hens Night Organisers or Birthday Party Planners think of hiring Male Strippers for their function, thoughts of a super hunky Fireman flashing his hose around or a tough looking street Cop brandishing a long black truncheon immediately spring to mind!

The Fireman Strip Show, Policeman Striptease or Tradie type Full Monty routines are very traditional and always crowd pleasers – you can’t go wrong booking one of these acts for your best friend…

smiling male striptease artist wearing fireman uniform man stripper wearing authentic police uniform male stripper in construction worker tradesman outfit

However sometimes the party you are organizing may have a specific theme or the Bride-to-Be may be a big fan of a particular celebrity, sport, film or fictional character. If this is the case, and your Hen/Birthday girl doesn’t take life too seriously then there are a few Male Strippers out there that will go above and beyond to make your (sorry, I mean the Bride/Birthday girls’ lol) fantasy a reality!

In Sydney we have a Male Stripper by the name of Darren V who is by far the most versatile and accommodating Stripper we have ever come across – we have yet to call him up and ask if the most outlandish idea for a costume is possible, and for him to say no! If your Bride wants something out of the ordinary, 99% he will be able to do it! If you want it to be a surprise – even better! Darren’s Male Stripper Costumes are second to none plus he absolutely loves what he does. When someone puts this much effort in to pleasing the crowd you can be sure you will not be disappointed.

Perhaps the lucky girl has a favourite superhero or footy team, or maybe she has a thing for schoolboys? Yes, we’ve sent out Harry Potter on many occasion to wield his mighty wand in front of a group of screaming girls hoping to get splashed with a bit of magic potion!!

male stripper in full harry potter regalia

One of the most unusual requests to which of course he obliged was Jerry Seinfeld – yes, that’s right, a daggy looking bloke with a curly mullet type hairdo in jeans and big white trainers! To want this as a strip show you reeeeaaaallly have to be a fan! And fair play to Darren, not only did he strip as Seinfeld but he did his research and even went with the ‘Puffy Shirt’ – if you know Seinfeld you’ll definitely know what this means. To say the recipient of the strip show wet herself with laughter is an understatement!

Totally different but an equally awesome effort – can you guess who this might be? It’s important to remember that Strippers get 99% of their bookings for Saturday nights so generally have to cram in as many bookings as they can and as a consequence are running around the CBD from job to job with minutes to spare – it is truly impressive to use makeup like this just for one job when you realise it must be applied before the job and then removed prior to the next job – this is the definition of a Male Stripper that goes above and beyond…

man stripper performing in michael jackson costume

On many occasion we have been asked for a Male and Female Double Act which Darren is also able to accommodate with his super hot partner. Together these two pull off some sensational costumes of a quality that you might expect to see in a play or on a film set, let alone just for a 15 minute striptease! Plus, being a couple they can make it pretty steamy if that’s what you are after! This works really well for mixed groups of girls and boys because there’s something for everyone to see…

double act strippers dressed as pirates male and female couple duo strippers double act in roman gods outfits pirates of the caribbean male and female stripper duo

It is Australia after all and as such sooo many people have a favourite footy team or simply like men in tight AFL shorts with odd shaped balls! Well, once again here is Male Stripper extrordinaire Darren having created an authentic looking Sydney Roosters player complete with the prerequisite full sleave tattoo and of course – footy star attitude…

sydney roosters male stripper

But if it’s a Sportsman Stripper you are after, it doesn’t have to be AFL – here is a baseball player he did for a group of American college girls here on holiday!

male stripper dressed as american baseball player

It never ceases to amaze us in terms of what costumes our customers wish their strippers to wear – one particular customer had been on a driving holiday through red-neck middle America and had clearly developed a penchant for gas-station attendants and was certainly imagining more than her car being filled! Sooo, long story short her Maid of Honour wanted a Stripping Petrol Pump Attendant and this was the simple but very effective costume that Darren came up with…

hot petrol station attendant striptease artist pumping gas

Another absolute favourite especially among groups of girls that work in the Medical profession is to have Doctor Darren come and take a pulse or two! It’s also perfect if you’ll have a few elderly ladies at the party who might get a little giddy at the prospect of a gyrating naked man’s bottom in close proximity to their faces! Book Doctor Darren to bring them round lol!

sydney male stripper in white lab coat and stethoscope

In Queensland we have a Male Stripper ‘Dancin Dave’ in Brisbane who is always keen to don a ridiculous costume for the ocassional random fantasy and although we don’t have many pictures of his costumes, this Strip Show he did for the most adoring of Ali G fans went down more than a treat and we think it’s well worth sharing with you all too! The girls were over the moon…

male stripper in brisbane dressed in ali g's yellow costume and sunglasses

Feel like you’ve seen it all before? Well, if you are looking for a Strip Show with a HUGE point of difference then you cannot look any further than our Fire Breathing Male Stripper in Perth, Joey F! He can do the most mind blowing fire show combined with his full costume strip show – he is fully insured to perform with fire and can even do it indoors, however if you have an outside area he can really go all out and set the party alight! This show is such a spectacle it can also be used for big functions – Joey has performed at some of the biggest festivals around the country…

perth male stripper breathing fire in huge flames male stripper fire eating in perth

This particular part of this very blog article was being written on the night of the final episode of Game of Thrones so it would be rude not to tell all the millions of GOT fans out there that you can have your very own Jon Snow come and Strip in full costume at your event in Melbourne – yes, that’s right we have a fantastic Male Stripper that dresses as Jon Snow in Melbourne, and then, more importantly, undresses as Jon Snow!! If your Birthday Girl or Bride loves Game of Thrones then she is going to be thrilled to bits if you have our Joey P from Melbourne in full Jon Snow costume turn up and pull out his special sword just for her on her special night (we promise he won’t stab her through the heart with it, unless of course she is intent on world domination!)

Too often people think that a Male Strip Show needs to be a super sexy experience with very attractive Male Strippers or they have the perception that a Male Stripper will be sleazy but nothing could be further from the truth – the best strippers are not always the ones that look like supermodels, and most strippers make their routines amusing which is why it’s best to think a little out of the box when booking a stripper – book something that will make everyone have a bit of a giggle and what better way to do that than choosing a stripper with a costume that means something to the person you are booking the show for rather than trying to find one that she (or you!) might fancy!! Don’t just focus on finding a pretty boy – they are often the ones that put in the least amount of effort! However if you must have a Male Stripper with Model looks to die for that still supplies the top quality goods, then you would be hard pressed to find a better Male Stripper in Sydney with Underwear Model looks than Aaron A or the extremely popular and very good looking Sydney Male Stripper, Blake!

And of course if all else fails, there's always The King...

sydney male stripper dressed as elvis the king

Yes, that's right - Darren even does a fantastic Elvis Striptease for all those die hard fans out there!

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